Internet and Social Media Marketing

What Do You Need?

Doing business without any advertising & marketing

is like winking at a girl in the dark.

You know what you are doing but nobody else does.

Internet Marketing is Exploding

20 years ago many thought it would never take off and certainly not be this big, ignoring the writing on the wall. Times have changed. Now, through the internet, we can bring our networking marketing opportunities and products to millions of people world-wide. All they need is a cell phone, no longer even a PC. In the past we were limited to static websites, forums, chat rooms etc, today we add to that Interactive websites, blogs, Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Stumbledupon, Snapchat, Hootsuite and others.

Now the challenge is finding the time or someone in the company to do all this marketing for you, tying it all together. You need more than just a web presence. You need tacit knowledge (as opposed to formal or explicit knowledge), which is very difficult to transfer to another person by means of writing it down. Many give up long before any measurable results are realized. Many turn to only social media methods, and then don't understand why they don't get the desired results.


Domain Name - grab your company name and register it, even if you don't use it for awhile. At least you get the name you want.

Web Hosting - do shop around for the best prices. I know some who have cried bitter tears going to a well known company and then finding out a year down the line they have paid nearly R100 a month more. The bigger companies do not always give the best service, you are just a number to them and you get in a que and wait your turn. You also get web-builders, some of them are really good.

Web Design - you can choose many options of styling packages, the most popular and versatile being WordPress. You can then do it yourself or have it designed for you. Don't fall into the trap of going for the cheapest. Remember the adage of pay peanuts and get monkeys. Don't use a template straight out the box, if you do then your website will look just that, out the box. You need to mold, adapt and change it and make it yours. Remember that your website is your silent Sales Representative. It needs to be neatly dressed, act with manners and respect and have some flair and even some humour. It needs to be interesting, not boring with long dissertations.

Modern Technology - use the systems you are able to that connects all your information together; a 'live' storage system that enables you to access your information from any internet point. Syncing your email to your cell phone and your iPad. All this helps you to keep your finger on the pulse and stay on top of things. It can make all the difference.

The Skill and Determination to tie it all together - doing so is not a job you can give to a junior member of staff. You hire someone with experience and knowledge to help you.
Not getting lost on Google - knowing the best way to get your company listed in the top 5 in a Google Search. If you are not in the top few, chances are no one will even find you. You can wear the smartest outfit but if you sit in your office all alone no one will see you.

Tacit Knowledge - it is not something you can get reading a book, reading a web page or attending a seminar. These are but stepping stones. The only way you can get tacit knowledge is by talking to enough prospective clients and truly paying attention to what they say, and then applying this information.