Our Rates

These are basic standard rates, however, can be adapted to suite the situation and requirements.
Please note that each job specification is quoted on individually based on the task at hand.
These prices therefore serve only as a guideline.

Web Design

R800 for the basic setup which includes -

  • Installing WordPress onto your server
  • Setting up of WordPress
  • Installing the template, security, backup system and setup
  • Installing all required plugins and setup

R180 per hour

  • It takes approximately 30 hours to design a standard 6 - 8 page website


R180 per hour -

  • Setting up Facebook, Instagram and Twitter if requested
  • Linking social media to your website
  • Adding live streaming to your website from Facebook, Twitter and Instagram if desired
  • Setting up Google Analytics - and invaluable addition to your website to site hits and visitor behaviour
  • Setting up 'Polls' and 'Popups' as required


R180 per hour -

  • Setting up a blog
  • Putting out blog posts at least twice a week - content provided by client
  • Linking the blog posts on Facebook and other various advertising platforms that are available
  • Checking SEO via Yoast

Maintenance and Security

R180 per hour -

  • Monitoring the website at least three times a week to update plugins. Plugins are a weak point, in that, if they are not updated when an update is available, that is where hackers can and do break through. Run scans and check backups
  • Check analytics and print report once as requested
  • Adding any new content to the website as provided by client

All work is streamlined based on the requirements of the client