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Move your Web Design into the modern and new by capturing of the viewers' attention on all devices

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Marketing is so much more than it used to be. To succeed you need to harness all options available

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If your Search Engine Optimisation is correct you'll reach those searching for your services

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Beetroute is a comprehensive platform to build your Website & eCommerce seamlessly - take a Free Trial

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We Can Help You Create Your Website and assist you to Stand Out and be Noticed

We are living in exciting times with the power of the internet

If we harness that power correctly, our Website can and will be a positive tool in our reaching our potential clients. We can break through the boundaries so many have battled. Having an internet presence is vital, but, it has the ability to destroy your dream as much as allow you to soar and reach your potential.

We are an amazing  International Internet Web Design Company, with an offices in both Johannesburg, SA and Saskatchewan, CA. Location is no longer an issue in our business, the internet has made the world so much smaller. We have clients in South Africa, Canada and USA.

What is more important to people in today's world is that they have a connection to the people who are working for/with them and that they are given what they pay for.

They want after sales service and reliability, they want assurance that you capable, dependable and reliable. They go for quality rather than the cheapest offer.

Time difference can be worked around. More and more people who are serious about being productive with their time prefer online meetings instead of unnecessary traveling expenses.

Skype, Team Viewer and Zoom,  are just three of the amazing programs available to everyone, mostly free. With these and other applications the sky, or internet, is limitless.

We can be so much more productive and innovative by using these amazing opportunities available. In this day and age it really is important to work smarter, not harder. It no longer really matters where you are located, work your time zone is, what weather you conditions you are dealing with ... you can now do what it takes to make every minute count. Meetings and assistance can be instant, costs are less and productivity is higher.

Why Have a Website

Why Your Business Needs a Website. Websites work. No matter what your business or profession, a website can generate business, promote goodwill among customers and prospects, and deliver strong marketing messages - whether your business is small, large or in-between, well-established or brand-new. Having a website and online presence strategy allows you to market your business online. A website is also important because it helps you establish credibility as a business. Most people just assume that you have a website since the vast majority of businesses do, at least the vast majority of big companies do.

Here are the top 8 benefits of having a Website:
Cost-Effective  |  Wider Demographic Reach
Business Credibility  |  Around-The-Clock Availability
Consumer Convenience  |  Increased Sales
Fosters Customer Rapport  |  Competitive Opportunity

Reasons Why You Need SEO

One of the reasons SEO is important for online success is the “Conversion rate”, defined as the percentage of site visitors who visit a website. SEO gets you free organic traffic and a good number of targeted visitors to your site. SEO helps small business owners create fast, robust, and user-friendly websites that rank higher in search engines, which in turn helps bring more qualified potential customers to their sites. Search engine optimization is a methodology of strategies, techniques and tactics used to increase the amount of visitors to a website by obtaining a high-ranking placement in the search results page of a search engine.

Here are eight main industries that receive the highest ROI by utilizing effective SEO solutions.
Professional Services, your website is your new front door  |  Home Repairs/Renovations  |  Medical Practices  |  Online Businesses  |  Real Estate  |  Multi-Location  |  Restaurants  |  Pet Services

Does Digital Marketing  Work

Digital marketing is a way to promote brands and products online and also impacts how consumers actually purchase their products and services. This makes it imperative for businesses to not only be present online but to boost visibility as much as possible.

Online marketing is effective as an advertising medium. It is vital to know the various tools that you can make use to achieve the most desired results. Online marketing gives business owners the freedom to advertise and promote their products or services and receive immediate response.

At a high level, digital marketing refers to advertising delivered through digital channels such as search engines, websites, social media, email, and mobile apps.

One of the significant advantages of online marketing for businesses is its low operating cost.

Beetroute is an easy to use website & e-commerce platform.

With built in drag & drop website builder, you simply select your website template, customize it to your needs, add your products, set up your shipping and you’re ready to sell. Yes, it’s that easy! Start a trial for 14 days and try out the software.

Setup fees? Only the monthly subscription cost, unless you want us to do something custom for you, which will be quoted at a hourly development rate. Our subscription plans are a month to month contract so you can cancel at any time. All accounts are soft capped with a 2000MB storage limitation.

We currently do not have any product limitations on our subscription plans. Utilizing our product variations feature, you can add different variations of a specific product, like color, size, make, model and many more.

You can connect your own domain or use your personal beetroute.co.za subdomain.

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