Our Current Websites - Designed and Maintained

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As we are an International company, our sites are in South Africa, Canada and USA. We have categorized to put on a cross section to give a better idea of our work.

The list below, in no order of importance, size or style. These sites have been developed and are maintained by Silver Wolf Enterprises. Some sites are being redesigned in Word Press based on versatility, security plugins and the additional ability to combine Blogging which is a power marketing tool.

There are always new sites being developed and new clients coming onto the books, so just keep coming back to see what is new.

All sites are responsive, (resizes automatically to accommodate iPad/Table and Cell phone). Naturally sites then display differently so take the opportunity when possible to also view on a laptop/pc to see all the variations.

Web Design

We also consider the desires of the client and what is modern and popular out there. No matter how reliable an old "Volkswagen Beetle" is, we still want something with a modern flair that is in keeping with the times. 'Hip' as the younger generation would say. WordPress is probably considered one of the most popular designing platforms. They just simply handle 99% of the required applications needed and do so very  efficiently and effectively, and that, in today's world, is very important.

We have a variety of styles: full websites, one page sites, e-commerce sites, sites aimed more at photography/galleries and blogging. The joy of WordPress is that the sky is the limit - we can streamline designs to suite the requirements and likes of the client. While we can offer advise the final decision still rests with the client, always.

All our sites have the best possible security options installed with regular backups and constant updates.

Some of our LIVE websites

Our Amazing Associate

We are proud and honoured to be very closely associated with Suzette Kruger of Computer Basics. She has years of experience in web design, marketing, blogging, an entrepreneur of note and an amazing teacher.

She has many wonderful sites that she has designed and maintains. Here are some examples.

One Page Sites

Full Sites

eCommerce Sites

Blog Sites

Photography / Gallery Sites