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Silver Wolf Enterprises was founded by Yvonne van Dijk in 2002 and has been rapidly growing ever since. We are a small team by company standards. We have proven over time that size does not matter; attitude, experience, application and motivation does. Don't forget the old cliché of 'Dynamite comes in small packages'. We have proven that age has nothing to do with ability, motivation and attitude. We have proven that in this age of modern technology distance is not an issue. We work together and the job gets done; that is what is important.


The Team

Yvonne van Dijk

Yvonne is fondly referred to as 'The Boss' and believes in the value of 'team work' and 'team effort'.

It all began when an Aromatherapy client (Yvonne is a qualified Aromatherapy Therapist), mentioned a problem on his website and that he could not get anyone to fix it. She got the problem sorted out for him and landed up redesigning the entire website and did all the maintenance. She has done all the graphic design for their various companies, with their adverts appearing the problem fixed and the rest is history and he has been her client ever since. She has not stopped with designing a in both national and international magazines.

From this humble beginning Yvonne progressed to designing and maintaining websites; and her first clients are still with her today.

Yvonne's 'down-to-earth' personality ensures that she gets along with any age group and works well with people. She is a hard worker and although she has a tendency to try to do things alone she has learnt, and we often remind her, to 'hand over' to the other members of the team. She knows the strength of 'the pack' and that she is not an island.

Yvonne has always been creative and loves helping people reach their goals and dreams. She has a flair for Marketing and Sales and that is where she concentrated her efforts. As Yvonne says, "The impossible we do immediately, it is just miracles that take a little longer."

Yvonne later found that she needed to understand how websites worked in relation to the design and got more involved in designing the websites as well. She now does both sides. Marketing being one of her first loves in the working field, she has brought this into the company as the world has moved very rapidly into Internet Social Networking, Social Marketing and Advertising and brings this experience to her clients.

The wolf is a symbol for Yvonne's company motto: "Instinct linked with Intelligence". She believes that we instinctively know what we like, what we want and what is best for us for that moment. When we look at it with wisdom, we will act appropriately. We can not control the future, only the moment of now and she strives to make each moment the best moment she can. 

Marianne van Dijk

Marianne joined the team after more than 10 years experience in the Freight Industry. Her experience in dealing with large accounts and working under pressure, and her love of adventure has earned her a place on the team as an active partner in the company, with a firm finger on the pulse of Designing, Marketing and Advertising.

Marianne ensures that things are not forgotten and overlooked and keeps track of what is happening and needs to happen. She is inquisitive and is always looking, searching and checking. She is logical and practical and those attributes keep 'The Boss' on track when her creative juices flow creating a workaholic monster who needs to be told to go to sleep. Without her things would fall through the cracks.

Marianne keeps her finger on the pulse to make sure all the admin is kept up to date - a very important job. She is also great at sourcing information and content and is not scared of learning or trying anything new. She loves a challenge and her pro-active attitude brings in many new clients."

Marianne is very involved in the Internet Marketing and her resourcefulness is what the company needs to meet the challenges of competition in this fast growing medium of communication. More companies are making use of Internet Network Marketing. It is faster and more practical and in line with being environmentally friendly as there is less traveling and less printing. It is also much faster. More people share information daily on the internet than any other medium.

Marianne also loves airplanes and never ceases to surprise people with her knowledge of these big birds in the sky. She believes though that what goes up must come down so she keeps her feet firmly on the ground to balance Yvonne's creative spirit.

Val Lemko

Val joined the team in 2008. Val is one of Yvonne's dearest friends and, as all good friends do, in an extremely busy period jumped in and offered to proof read. She simply stayed on as part of the team until recently when her position was made official, much to her surprise.

She is a retired secretary, though still very active in the SARL in Canada, as well as her hobby, which all on the team are involved in, Amateur Radio. She finds the website construction interesting, and used to be determined to stick to the proof reading. Well, Yvonne believes that you are never to old to learn and proved that to Val when with her guidance Val put her first website live. We think Val is still in shock over that feat, but she quickly followed it with a few more.

Val has solid managerial and administrative experience and is exceptionally versatile and adaptable. Her dedication and drive as a hard working individual, along with her superlative communication and team-building skills make her an exceptional team member. Her command of the English language is a great asset and she is able to easily distinguish between British, American, Canadian and South African English, a bonus.

Val is lovingly referred to as the Operations Director, and the 2IC; a role she fills perfectly. Her attention to detail, and organisational skills, make her a very valuable part of the team. Val has proven that the world is a small place with the internet and that time zones are no challenge at all if you really want to be involved and make something work. With her husband Harv supporting her desire to work side by side with her dear friend, this is a working partnership that just keeps getting better and stronger.


Other members

Other members of the team are consultants that live locally and abroad whose services are utilized when required.



Wolf brings a strong sense of faithfulness, inner strength and intuition, as well as learning. Sometimes you need to cross barriers, to take risks, to go beyond the limited compass of 'normal' behaviour in order to learn and grow; although crossing these boundaries may seem unattractive, and sometimes even painful. In reality, the wolf is a highly social, intelligent and friendly animal.

Despite the strongly negative associations of the wolf over the last two millennia, typified in children's stories, sufficient connection with the true nature of the wolf and its ancestral totemic and positive associations existed for Baden-Powell, when founding the Boy Scout movement, to ask children to call themselves wolf-cubs, and for the cub-leader to be called Akela, the wolf-pack leader of Rudyard Kipling's 'Jungle Book'.

This means a great deal to Yvonne as her father was a high ranking Scout Master and she herself was involved in the Scout / Brownies / Girl Guide programs.

Just as Merlin found companionship in a wolf, so can we. Wolf will teach us, through experience, to trust ourselves and not to fear or reject those parts of us that we do not yet understand or know.

The closest Yvonne has ever come to the wolf is with Alaskan Malamutes. Sadly, when her last Malamute passed on she could not take the heart break anymore and decided to step into the opposite side of the dog world. While our animal comrades are now two Schnauzers (Yaesu and Cody), a Jack Russel (Gizmo) and two Pekingese (Miya and Coco), the company will always have at its heart, the spirit of the Wolf Pack.




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