Who and What is Karatbars

Our Own KaratCoinBank Coin (KCB), is backed by REAL GOLD

Karatbars is a company which offers an attractive and affordable option for the consumer to purchase 999.9 pure gold bullion as well as our specialty lines of gold merchandising, collector & gift cards.

We are proud of the independence Karatbars offers the consumer to own, manage & control their personal Karatbars purchases.

Our goal is to provide the very best in customer service for our clients and provide a opportunity for everyone worldwide to own gold at an affordable price point.

Additionally we are striving to provide the opportunity to exchange the devaluing paper money for gold.

Karatbars has also hit the mainstream with the recent entry of the KaratGold Coin (KBC).

The KaratGold Coin is a blockchain-based cryptocurrency.

Specifically designed to be used as a generally accepted electronic payment means for all who consider gold as a traditional, true, secure and value-stable medium.

Why Should I Buy Gold? Lots of reasons.

  • Gold holds its value/purchasing power. An ounce today buys the same as it did 100, 1000 or 2000 years ago.
  • You will earn little or no interest having money in a bank.
  • If there is an economic collapse money paper money is worth nothing.
  • If the internet goes off your bank card is worth nothing.
  • In 2001, £100 would buy you x amount of goods... you need £157 today to buy the same goods. (Money evaporates due to inflation)
  • Since 2001 gold has given an average return of 11% a year in USD or 13% a year in STG
  • You can buy gold from as little as €50 without a credit check.
  • You don't need to be an expert to buy it.
  • Karatbars will store it for free.
  • It is very easy to hide/store/spilt up.
  • It doesn't need maintaining or fixing
  • You cannot damage or destroy it... If your house burns down your gold will still be as it was.
  • Gold is easy to sell in ANY country in the world.
  • Physical gold ownership means you don't need to worry about government or private pensions not paying.
  • Gold can be your savings plan, your pension plan, your nest egg.
  • Many experts are predicting gold to go to $5,000 or even $10,000 per ounce.

Start Saving In Gold Today

Karatbars International has been helping customers in 138 countries save in gold for eight years. No other gold sales company can offer 999.9 bullion from 0.1gram to 1gram, 2.5 gram or 5gram weights with the same features at a better price.

Free account  |  No minimum order  |  Buy from as low as 0.1gram  |  No subscriptions  |  999.9 quality  |  Private issue gold  |  With certificate  |  Hologram  |  From an LBMA accredited refinery  | Serial number  |  Free storage  |  Fedex delivery  |  DNA security  |  Guaranteed buy back  |  Can be used to buy goods and services.

Where Can I Find Customers And Business Partners?

Anywhere - We have over 9000 people in our organisation in 100+ countries so it is easy for me to give you a breakdown. It is anyone and everyone. I've never seen a market this big for one business.

Unemployed people can start Karatbars with no money. People who want extra income can do it part time. People who want a full time business buy a VIP package and start building. (€2,000 is cheaper than a Subway Franchise and Karatbars is much less hassle to run!)

Some customers by one Christmas card a year, some buy birthday cards, some are business/sports clients who buy branded cards. Some people buy €50 of gold a month for their retirement, some buy €5,000 per month of 5 gram cards because that's their disposable income. People who can buy ounces and kilos still buy Karatbars because they are easier to store and can be split and sold easier than bigger pieces.

Moral of the story - Anyone over the age of 18 in 120 countries can and should become a Karatbars customer. Everyone should view the presentation and and decide which part is for them.

The point to remember is that for the first time 999.9, 24kt gold is affordable and easily  accessible to the masses via Karatbars.
Not just the 1% of people who can afford ounces or kilos.

KCB - KaratCoinBank