Our List of Live Websites


As new sites go live we add them to our list and invite you to come back often to see what is new.

As we are an International company, our sites are in South Africa, Netherlands, Canada, USA and Australia. Not all sites are shown here. We have tried to put on a cross section to give a better idea of our work.

The list below, in no order of importance, size or style. These sites have been developed by Silver Wolf Enterprises. There are some sites that have migrated to our company and have been revamped and having received a great face lift are now brand new. There are always new sites being developed and new clients coming onto the books, so just keep coming back to see what is new.

Some sites have sound and flash and video abilities. These days there is not much you can't do on your website and still keep to the basic good rules to ensure your site is enjoyed by all. Although Flash is very popular some dial-ups just do not have the speed and we try to keep this in mind and advise our clients accordingly.

Some browsers are known in webdesign circles as being 'headache children' and as new updates come in all sites have to be checked to make sure they are viewing correctly... this seems to be happening less, so lets keep our fingers crossed.

We also consider the desires of the client and what is modern and popular out there. No matter how reliable an old "Volkswagen Beetle" is, we still want something with a modern flair that is in keeping with the times. 'Hip' as the younger generation would say. Word Press and Joomla sites are increasing in popularity as they are interactive and one can run forums, blog, share, network more efficiently and effectively, and that, in today's world, is very important.

Then, last but not least, we have to make every effort that websites can be seen on cell phones. There are so many varieties and so many programming issues ... we just have to face each challenge and keep growing, progressing and finding the answers.



www.ohana.web.za www.viragoawards.co.za
www.mrsupplies.co.za www.goldwingsa.co.za/
www.vikenwolf.co.za www.ward23jhbsouth.co.za
www.gansra.org www.transformaz.co.za
www.explorer4x4.co.za www.ward56jhbsouth.co.za
www.itf-tfa.co.za www.chaletlaurier.co.za
www.ylrl.org www.zs6rtv.co.za
www.shepassessor.co.za www.italiancarsgroup.co.za
www.zs6hvb.za.net www.clarayl.ca
www.wisslersa.co.za www.sarl.ca



HTML / PHP / DRUPEL websites

www.radioacc.co.za www.soffex.co.za




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