Publishing web pages is easy. Creating a good website requires expertise. Your website is your instant, silent,  sales representative. If your website is not advertising your company to it's best advantage, then it is time to take a good look and decide how best to get it to that point.

Effective publishing on the World Wide Web is a mix of art and science, of design and technology, of creativity and skill. Do it right and you score, do it wrong and you only waste money.

Don't get caught paying for an additional 'mobi' site. This can actually be one and the same site... a big saving, if done correctly.


Silver Wolf Enterprises can help you

We will:

  • Design a website tailor-made for your business,
  • Take your copy and materials you may have, edit and process them into web-ready media,
  • Structure your content into an effective format,
  • Maintain your website on a regular basis,
  • Provide expertise throughout this process.

Let our expertise work for you, so your investments will pay off. You know your business; we know ours.



Effective Websites

Websites should load fast, present information at a glance, be easy to navigate, and work well with any kind of computer or web browser. Creating an effective website requires expertise both from the client and the web designer. Did you know that you have about 7 (seven) seconds to capture a user's attention? Usability tests have shown that if users don't see anything interesting within the first 7 seconds that they browse your site, the majority of them are likely to get disinterested and leave.

Many companies think they have a lot of material that is ready to "just put on the website" but generally a lot more work is needed to create an effective website.

We will help you to:

  • Analyze how your website should be designed to serve your organization's objective(s),
  • Decide on the best approach to capture and hold your target audience's attention,
  • Edit and structure your information for maximum effectiveness,,
  • Process graphic material into web-ready format,
  • Decide on additional resources to further expand your web site,
  • Promote your website.



Why Websites?

The Internet offers prospective clients access to information about you, your company, your products and your services, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year.

A website can:

  • generate immediate orders,
  • provide qualified leads,
  • provide instant access to catalogues, company info, etc. whilst saving on printing costs,
  • provide an excellent means of communication within an organisation,
  • keep current customers informed about products, availability and pricing,
  • provide helpful info to potential clients,
  • be an inexpensive method of marketing research,
  • save a fortune on printing and mailing costs.



The first thing you need to consider is your domain name. Choose a domain name that:

  • is easy to remember (the shorter, the better)
  • unmistakably identifies your company, or indicates the type of business you have
  • promotes YOUR business, not an ISP's or somebody else's business.

A website design company that is service and design orientated will go a very long way to promoting your online image. Therefore:

  • shop around,
  • test their sites, with attention to continuity of design and ease of navigation,
  • ensure that they design in proper code and don't use some 'instant' package that does the job for them. These packages 'write' the code in a way that not always works correctly on all web browsers. This means not everyone will be able to view or access your site,
  • establish their service record for yourself by either emailing their clients, or contacting them personally.

The direct costs to a World Wide Web presence can be broken down into six areas:

  • Access to the Internet
    with an Internet Service Provider (ISP) e.g. Telkom, 247 Hosting etc. This is an ongoing expenditure.
  • Initial Design of the Website.
    This depends on what you want; a static, database-driven or e-commerce website. We will discuss these options with you and you can then make an informed decision as to what route is best to pursue for you and your company needs. This is a once-off expense and based on your budget.
  • Hosting of the website. This refers to where the website lives. Your ISP is usually the best place to keep your website. This is an ongoing expenditure.
  • Domain Name Registration. There will be an initial cost and then a yearly fee after that. These costs vary with each ISP. This is an ongoing expenditure.
  • Website Updates. This refers to adding new pages to the site, or adding new material to existing pages. Remember, nothing is as old as yesterday's news! Updating can be done on an as-needed basis, or for a fixed, monthly fee.
  • Website Marketing and Social Marketing. We will assist and advise you so that you can make the best use of every available tool to market your company and have your website work for you.

Contact us for a free consultation and quotation and join the ever-growing World Wide Web!




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