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Graphic Design


The formula to success is very simple.
It's "Mind your own business."


Skill and expertise are the keys to success.

  • You know your own business best, so that's what you want to concentrate on,
  • You know your products, you know the market,
  • You know your target audience.


But do you also know how to reach them effectively?

Whatever raw materials you may have, they will frequently need processing to turn them into press-ready documents. Effective communication depends on a lot of factors:

  • Layout,
  • Colours,
  • Text styles,
  • Type, size and shape of illustrations,
  • Information structure.


Ads in a magazine should get the message across in a glance, information in course materials need to be easily absorbed, a catalogue should be structured and easily accessible. Colour, text style and other design elements are vital tools for the job. We know this job. Let us take care of it, so you can concentrate on your business.

First impressions are important

You never get a second chance for a first impression! Don't forget that any printed materials you send out, from letterhead to prospectus, will act as your company's business card. If your prospectus, advertisement or catalogue looks professional, your company will look professional. The opposite is also true.

Don't risk your chance of a good first impression. Let Silver Wolf Enterprises layout services do the work for you. So you can concentrate on your own business and be successful.